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Orthodontic Disorders

Crossbite can occur in the front and/or the sides of the mouth. This can occur with a single tooth or multiple teeth. Early correction of crossbite is recommended. Crossbite should be corrected because it can cause asymmetrical development of the jaws and also dysfunctional chewing. If there is a single tooth crossbite, the tooth can be moved with braces into the correct position. In some cases, a retainer can be utilized. With multiple teeth in crossbite, the arch needs to be expanded with braces or other intra-oral appliances.

Openbite is an insufficient vertical overlap of the teeth. It is caused by oral habits such as tongue thrust, digit sucking or when the jaws don’t grow evenly. Timing of treatment is critical to the overall success of the therapy. How can an openbite be orthodontically corrected? Openbite can be corrected through growth modification of the jaws using braces, extrusion of the anterior teeth and in some cases surgical correction of the jaws. Also breaking oral habits, such as digit sucking, will facilitate the correction of an openbite.

Overbite occurs when the upper front teeth protrude over the lower front teeth. Often you cannot see the lower incisors. Overbite is also known as a deep bite. Overbite should be corrected because it can cause improper functioning of your front teeth result in the lower front teeth biting into the gum, tissue of the upper palate leading to tissue problems unusual wear of the lower front teeth, jaw or joint problems. Overbite can be corrected through moving the front teeth up and/or bringing the back teeth together, which will “open” the bite so the teeth are properly aligned and the deep bite is eliminated.

Overjet is also known as protrusion. In this case, the lower teeth are too far behind the upper front teeth. Oral habits such as thumb sucking, finger sucking or tongue thrusting can exacerbate the condition. Overjet should be corrected because it can prevent proper functioning of the front teeth lead to premature wear. Overjet can be corrected through growth modification using a functional appliance and/or elastics to reduce the skeletal imbalance or extraction of teeth.

An underbite is usually caused by undergrowth of the upper jaw, overgrowth of the lower jaw, or a combination of the two. Underbite can also be caused by flared upper incisors, missing lower teeth or a combination of all the above. Early correction of underbite is recommended. Underbite should be corrected because it can prevent proper functioning of the front teeth or molars,cause chewing or eating problems, and cause jaw or joint problems. Underbite can be corrected through growth modification of the jaws, extraction of teeth and in some cases, surgical correction of the jaws.

Temporomandibular Disorder (TMD)
Temporomandibular Disorder (TMD) refers to a variety of conditions that affect TM joints, jaw muscles and facial nerves. TMD may occur when the jaw twists during opening, closing or side-motion movements. Those who experience TMD may have symptoms of pain the face and jaw area, jaws getting “locked”, and popping or clicking sounds in the face. TMD can eventually lead to other symptoms like headaches and blurriness if no treated. If you are experiencing any of these, please contact us for a consultation. With a proper diagnosis, we will be able to make decisions regarding for your best option for treating TMD.